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Emily Craver’s MFA Thesis project past future tenses lives in a multiverse of iterations. Embracing theatricality and improvisational presence, the work craves interaction amongst performer, witness, technology, and the digital and physical space encapsulating them. The work employs rigorous physicality and dramatic embodiment of artificial intelligence to question the relationships between human and machine. 

This piece was made possible in part by a Global Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Grant. Many thanks to Craver's committee Daniel Roberts, Norah Zuniga-Shaw, and Alex Oliszewski. Thanks to documenters: Kathryn Nusa Logan and Abby Koskinas. Many thanks to Amy Schmidt, Jonathon Hunter and Oded Huberman for production support . Many thanks to OSU Cohort 2021 for being an ever-present support system.Many thanks to Chair, Dr. Nadine George-Graves for providing encouragement and space for making during this year.

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