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"Alternating Reality" began in January of 2020. with short night rehearsals in Studio 390 at OSU. The five collaborators, Sarah Bodony, Simone Burnett, Thaliyah Cools-Lartigue, Abby Koskinas, Sophia Smith and I created movement from improvisation, from ideas of technological buzzwords living in the body, from reckoning with the compression of emotion and relationships into a phone, a computer, a screen. We played with the game telephone, passing on whispers, and dancing close and with vigor. March of 2020 brought about a halt, a shift, a pivot. Fall 2020 semester saw us outside in the dance department tent, re-translating, re-configuring. A Zoom rehearsal compressed the movement into living rooms and kitchens. February 2021, back together again. What had remained? How had we changed? In two days, the dancers and I took the movement from the past and reshaped it, remembered it and found one more alternate version. How was the past, the dream of a close, intimate, audience-interactive piece still lingering in the air around the movement? How are the phrases that used to be translated from an Isadora screen and now printed on papers, instead of whispered, changed? A year after starting the piece, the dance artists have deeper relationships with each other, deeper understanding of the material, and a feeling of <what could have been?> what is now. 

This piece was made possible in part by a Global Arts and Humanities Graduate Research Grant. Many thanks to Kathryn Nusa Logan for camera choreography and editing. Many thanks to Craver's committee Daniel Roberts, Norah Zuniga-Shaw, and Alex Oliszewski. Many thanks to Jonathon Hunter for production support and Theatre space. Many thanks to OSU Cohort 2021 for being a Zoom audience and an ever-present support system. Many thanks to in-person and Zoom-viewing by Alex Christmas, Davianna Green, Yildiz Guventurk, Laura Neese, Momar Ndiaye, Kathryn Nusa Logan, and Daniel Roberts. Many thanks to Chair, Dr. Nadine George-Graves, for providing access to the theater and space for making during this year.

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